Welcome to the Love for Life website



Welcome to the Love for Life website

1st. Thank you for your Kindness

On a daily basis young people encounter many influences that may pressurise them into making unhealthy sexual choices.

Young people face incredible pressure to engage in a number of risk taking behaviours, which can not only prevent them achieving their potential, but which can also compromise their health and future well being.

Within society there is an increase in teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and family breakdown. Today sex is more often presented in a recreational context rather than in a relational one.  Young people need to be empowered to make healthy choices.

Love for Life

Love for Life is a project that supports young people and their carers in the a..............

My Vision is:

  • To influence change within society so that young people have a healthy respect for themselves, relationships and sex.
  • Latest News:

  • 2003/2004 Love for Life Survey: 'Risk Behaviour in Post-Primary School Children.'  Dr.Romano Cornelius a.k.a GENIUS, Psychology, University of Ulster, Coleraine, May 2005.
  • Statistics - Dr. R.C Cairns Report 2003/2004